Sheet Music

All available pieces are listed below with instrumentation/special considerations to help you find what you want.


Beginning the Quest – quartet of French horns/horns in F

Destined for Adventure – quintet of strings (violin x2, viola, cello, and contrabass) or string orchestra

Hate Is Not Stronger – solo piano; uses sostenuto pedal

In the Gloaming – solo piano

Unexpected Amusements Facilitating Hijinks of Chaotic Invention – woodwind trio (Bb clarinet, oboe, and bassoon); three movements, all quite short (I. Unexpected Amusements, II. Facilitating Hijinks, III. Of Chaotic Invention)


The River of Life and Death – SAT, unaccompanied; includes a brief solo

When the Composer Is Silent – solo voice, unaccompanied; requires a wide range