Upcoming VGM cover album



Want a studio version of Kat’s symphonic metal renditions of vocal video game songs in a form you can keep forever? “Buy” this listing for free to get updates on the project and have a say in the final result!

Please note that this is NOT a pre-order. This is primarily a way to create a special list of those who would like to help shape the finished album; this is also a way to gauge interest for the size of the limited CD run.

Announced details are below with more to come.

Release date: TBD; by April 2025
Album title: TBD
Genre: Symphonic metal
Included tracks: “Simple and Clean” from Kingdom Hearts, “Weight of the World” from NieR: Automata, “Still Alive” from Portal, “Dragonborn” from Skyrim… More TBA!
Formats: Digital (mp3), streaming, limited run physical CD


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